York Fringe By the Numbers

Don't Fear the Fringe!

The first-ever York Fringe Festival will take place Wednesday, August 22 through Sunday, August 26, 2018 in tandem with the 2018 YorkFest Fine Arts Festival.


to provide a platform for innovative live arts in the City of York.

What is a Fringe Festival?

In short: Take the Wikipedia entry on Theatre, a music festival, and an art gallery, throw them in a blender with some craft beer and frappe until smooth. Drink to experience artistic endeavors like never before!

What is the Live Arts?

Burlesque / Cabaret / Circus arts / Comedy / Dance / Drama / Improvisational / Interdisciplinary / Magic / Multimedia / Musical Theater / Poetry / Puppetry / Storytelling / Sideshow / Spoken Word / Variety

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How will This impact York?

Who can participate?

Anyone (as long as the performance happens in the City of York)!