York Fringe Festival Application

Important Dates:

Due to the number of different artists participating, it is important that participants designate one individual who serve as the Primary Contact for the production. The Primary Contact will need to be knowledgeable about a host of issues ranging from marketing to box office needs.

Primary Contact Name *
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact Phone *
Primary Contact Phone
Primary Contact Address *
Primary Contact Address
Production Information
Type of Production *
Include any weblinks as appropriate. We encourage you to send any supporting materials, such as scripts, reviews, pictures, drawings, storyboards, web site links, etc. to info@yorkfringe.org. Please do not assume that the selection committee is familiar with you or your work.
Intended Audience *
Themes *
Please check any of the following that describe your project:
Venue Information
All venues must be located in the City of York. While York Fringe is not supplying venues, we can help to connect shows with preferred venues.
Technical Information
Please list any special needs that will affect the choice of venue or enhance your production. This information will help us connect you with the best venue suited for your project but does not guarantee all requirements will be made available to you. Please keep in mind that we cannot offer technical support for your production. What you list below are items you yourself will supply:
Performance Information
The York Fringe Festival 2019 will run from Wednesday, August 21-Sunday, August 25
Preferred Dates *
We will take all performance date preferences into consideration. Final Fringe Festival calendar will be determined by the number of performance requests we receive.
Preferred Times *
Feel free to specifically describe your desired times, i.e. I want to do a lunchtime performance on Thursday; I want to do a Sunday matinee, etc.
The Proposal
Please share some background info on your company or the individual producing your show.
Signed Agreement & Checklist *
If your company is accepted into the York Fringe Festival, this application will be considered a signed agreement between you and York Fringe. Application fees will be processed upon receipt and are non-refundable. Cancellations are accepted only from the Primary Contact in writing. Please review the following checklist carefully and check next to each applicable item.